Faith comes to us as a gift of from God through the gathered and sent community. Shaping the faith of youth is the privilege of parents, family, sponsors, and the congregation; built on the promises made at baptism. Our goal is a multi-dimensional faith enabling us to encounter God in each other and in all of life.

At ECLC we welcome confirmation youth and high school youth into their own space, with a variety of opportunities to see themselves as part of the faith story and know themselves as the body of Christ, the church. Youth are encouraged to ask questions and explore the answers together; to be examples of God’s love in the world as they learn to trust God; proclaim Christ through word and deed; care for others and the world God made; and work for justice and peace.

ECLC's emphasis on scripture and prayer shape its life and mission. Youth encounter the living Word of God through biblical story, the life and ministry of Jesus, and theological understandings.


Confirmation at ECLC is a three-year program of instruction covering the Bible & Lutheranism; Luther’s Small Catechism; and Christian Identity and Interfaith Learning. Along the way we learn about relationships, worship, service, stewardship and vocation. Students begin in the fall of 6th grade and may affirm their baptisms in the fall of 9th grade. 

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Students walk in community together: Asking hard questions about God and our lives, eating together, working for social change, exploring vulnerability, and talking theology. We do this through things like trips, retreats, dinners, and Sunday morning Mass Meetings. 

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ECLC youth are encouraged to worship, as participants and leaders. In this way, youth come to know they belong here, with a vibrant faith all their own.

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ECLC is intentional about the ages, stages, and transitions of life, blessing youth in worship and encouraging every generation in the promises made at baptism.

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