With both celebration and humility ECLC recognizes the 75th anniversary of the founding of our congregation. 

In these years as a congregation, we have experienced joy and sorrow, we have supported one another through life's transitions, and we have engaged in acts of social justice that have shaped our congregation and served the needs of the community. 

We continue to learn how the gospel calls us to follow a radical Jesus and to a faith that both comforts and challenges. 

We have begun to learn about the land on which we have built our church building, and as part of our 75th anniversary, we desire to honor this land and its original inhabitants, encourage conversation within the community, and deepen understanding across time and space.

ECLC has many exciting opportunities for celebration, learning, and engagement in recognition of the 75th anniversary of the founding of our congregation. 

Click HERE for a full description of events arranged by date.


(On) the evening of September 23, (1948) a group of people met in the basement hall of the new Edina parsonage and organized the Edina Community Lutheran Church. Thus was launched a new congregation in our district. May it grow in strength and in grace, and may it assist souls into the Kingdom of our God. The district as well as synod is helping in the venture. (from the 53rd Annual Convention of the United Evangelical Lutheran Church Yearbook, June 21-26, 1949).

The theme, Sacred Ground, refers to a history that began long before the formation of our congregation. We can think back to Moses in the book of Exodus when God appeared to him in the burning bush, saying, “You are standing on holy ground.” This was when God gave Moses a vision for people free from oppression and called him to be a leader in their liberation. How are we likewise called to be leaders of liberation?
The theme also invites our reflection on the people who originally stewarded the land on which our church building stands, learning about their history and the history of colonization more broadly. How can we begin to heal and restore right relationships as we look to the future?
Several committees have been formed to plan these events including:  

  • Co-Chairs: Karen Boyum and Dick Patterson
  • Anniversary Gifts: John Anthony
  • Children, Youth, and Family: Margot Andress and Meggie Trenda
  • Communications: Dana Easley and Karl Olson
  • Hospitality: Liz Liming and Rich Weaver
  • Indigenous Consultant: Brenda Blackhawk
  • Study and Story: Dick Magnus and Eileen Supple
  • Worship: Catherine Malotky

If you’d like to be involved in planning or volunteering for the 75th Anniversary events, please reach out to Karen Boyum or Dick Patterson. 


To express our commitment that “all are welcome without exception,” we invite you to give to a 75th Anniversary Fund.
Your gifts will be used to provide a free celebratory meal catered by Mazopiya Natural Foods of the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community. Other expenses may include guest storytellers, speakers, preachers, musicians, and a music or art commission.


Our total goal is $7500. The first $2,000 we receive will be matched by our Memorial Fund, representing the gifts of the saints who have gone before us. Money raised in excess of expenses will be directed to the Pastors’ Discretionary Fund to help us provide care and support to people in need.
As you contribute, we invite you to make your gift in memory or honor of someone important to you at church, or in memory or honor of an event or occasion that holds special meaning for you at ECLC.

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On September 17, 2023 we will begin our observance with the community meal after our 11 a.m. worship, using our new outdoor space. Then, on November 19, we will have special worship services at both 9 a.m. and 11 a.m., giving thanks for what has been, and committing ourselves to God’s future. Between these two events, we will observe a season of remembering, learning, and celebrating.
Our theme, “Sacred Ground,” refers to a history that began long before the formation of our congregation. We remember when God appeared to Moses saying, “You are standing on holy ground.” The theme invites reflection on the Indigenous people who originally stewarded the land on which our church building stands, their history and the history of colonization more broadly.
We hope you will join us in this celebration as we continue to learn, rejoice, repent, wonder, and dream together.
Peter Horstman • Whitney Hansen • Kathy Krypel • Carrie Henning-Smith
The Council of Ministers’ Executive Committee
Pastor Anna and Pastor Jeff

Share your ECLC Stories and Photos

Over the last 75 years, ECLC has been home to so many stories and memories. As part of our anniversary celebration, we would like to bring our individual stories together to create a shared history of this congregation. Please take some time in the next few weeks to share a story about how being a part of this community has transformed you. We would be honored to accept stories in writing or video submissions.

Photos and artifacts are also welcome and encouraged. Your stories can be about faith, justice, community, etc. - we want to capture the variety of events and experiences ECLC has fostered over the last 75 years. Whether you're new to the congregation or have been involved for decades, we hope you will contribute a story. Email submissions (CLICK HERE) or bring photos and handwritten stories to the church office by August 15 to be scanned.

The beautiful logo for the 75th Anniversary was created by ECLC member, Luis Martinez. Here is his creative statement that explains his inspiration.
75th Anniversary Logo Creative Statement
After hearing the Communications Committee's vision for what messages the 75th anniversary logo design should convey, I decided to explore Minnehaha creek near the church. I walked by the water on a beautiful sunny day and it made me realize, once again, how much natural beauty surrounds our church. Like the waters that flow nearby, there’s an energy that runs throughout this purposefully abstract design so as to give people the opportunity to assign meaning to the various parts. My interpretation is that the colors are intended to be soft, warm and welcoming, the swirls at the bottom represent the moving waters with the sun sharing the same motion. Nature connects both parts and crosses over into the sky to show growth. Some people have said they see an egg in the design, which could represent new life, hope and purity. I invite you to find your own meaning, and hope the design captures the significant movement, growth and connections that the ECLC church and community have experienced and achieved over the past 75 years.

-Luis Martinez (Loo-iss)