Wednesdays during the school year, following a community meal (5:30-6:15 pm) pm and devotions (6:15-6:30 pm), youth gather for small group discussion (6:30-7:00 pm) and Mystery Hour activities (7:00-8:00 pm) to explore topics most relevant to them, and engage in learning through a lens of faith. Together with unique opportunities to serve, pray, and play — youth ask questions, connect world events with the Bible, faith, and everyday life, serve together, and deepen our relationships as a group. Small group leaders are parents, high school youth, and other adults who act as confirmation "guides."


During the school year, confirmation youth worship with their families at either 8:30 or 11:00 am and meet for confirmation instruction on Sunday mornings at 9:45 am. Confirmation at ECLC is a three-year program of instruction covering the:

Bible & Lutheranism;

Luther’s Small Catechism;

Christian Identity and Interfaith Learning

Along the way we learn about relationships, worship, service, stewardship and vocation. Students begin in the fall of 6th grade and typically affirm their baptisms in the fall of 9th grade.


Confirmation youth in grades 6 - 8 select their own adult "mentors" each year for a season of conversation over five consecutive Wednesday nights during Lent, from 6:00 - 8:00 pm. Mentor training, conversation starters, delicious soup suppers, and Lenten worship, contribute to make this a great experience for everyone.


Faith Milestones are a time for us to be intentional about the different ages, stages, and transitions of life, blessing confirmation youth in worship and encouraging families and the congregation in the promises made at baptism. During the confirmation years, youth participate in three milestone events:

Faith + Science

Faith + Money

Faith + Sexuality