The Immigration Action and Advocacy Committee 
is committed to educating ourselves and our ECLC congregation on the key issues of immigration. 
Grounded in our deep relationships with mission partners, we seek to engage in actions beyond ECLC that help further justice and humanity for all immigrants, especially those at greatest risk









Asylum Seekers Update

March 24, 2022

Dear ACT-TC Friends:

Right now is a difficult time for Artur and Naida because of the invasion of Ukraine. I think they’re experiencing every emotion from rage to grief to fear. We are ever grateful to Chuck Ritchie, with his fluency in Russian, who continues to help in so many ways. He provided a Zoom call to help explain the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and his thoughts on what the future might hold. If you’d like to hear a recording, please contact me.

Artur is frustrated given he is unable to help in any way. The war has put a strain on the whole family. On top of that, Artur broke his ankle when he ice-skated for the first time. It required surgery and he is still in a cast. The ACT-TC Steering Committee was unprepared for these surgical bills.

But we also have much to celebrate. Artur and Naida continue to work on their English proficiency as preparation for joining the workforce. We are grateful to Alison Wyse, Edel Henningsen and Dorothy Scott for faithfully going to the house each week to tutor
them. Artur also takes ESL classes online through the Hopkins School District. Akhmed is registered for kindergarten. The attached photo shows his excitement. Thank you, Diane Lindquist, for spearheading the effort to get him enrolled and to you and Bernie Beaver for the new i-pad. Naida and Artur hope to get drivers licenses this summer! Naida has never driven but now wants to learn.

And so many of you sent Valentine cards and flowers for International Day of the Woman. It means so much to the family to be remembered and showered with affection. A young member of one of our congregations saw their pictures at church, saved his allowance for several weeks, wrote a letter and shared his money with the boys. And the little children shall lead them.....

A future goal for ACT-TC is to encourage sustained giving. Many thanks to Andrew and Bria who made a monthly pledge to help fund the family. Regular monthly gifts help the Steering Committee to plan and budget.

Many of you have asked how you can help. Here are some ways:

  • Donate towards Artur’s medical expenses
  • Consider making a monthly pledge, in any amount, to help fund the family
  • Donate a car, or contribute towards a car fund
  • Teach Naida the basics of driving
  • Shepherd Artur and Naida through the DMV licensing process
  • Donate summer clothes for the boys (size 2-3 and size 5)
  • Invite the family to join you for some fun activities. Suzie Baker and Alley Ohe have been taking them out and they would love other opportunities to experience life in the U.S.

Our next ACT-TC call is on Thursday, April 7th at 11:00: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81744159517  

Many thanks for all you do. It truly takes a village!

Karen Newcomer, ACT-TC Chair

Write to your state legislators about a pending Immigration bill

Click here for information about the bill 
and quick access to your legislators

Click here for a PDF of this ECLC presentation from March 15th, 2021


Read below the Minnesota Sanctuary State Coalition Position Paper



As sibling congregations, ECLC and Cristo de Paz Lutheran Church in El Salvador are in deep relationship. These photos are from a visit to El Salvador which included visiting the Re-migration center, where Salvadorans returning from deportation are processed. These visits fuel our desire for comprehensive and dignified immigration reform.


Together with our bilingual sibling congregation, St. Paul’s in Minneapolis, ECLC advocates for safety for migrants. In these photos at our local immigration court, we re-enacted the migration of the Holy Family at Christmas.


ECLC partners with Interfaith Coalition on Immigration, attending monthly vigils calling for justice for immigrants in detention and their families.


For 80 years, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service has offered welcome and hope to more than half a million refugees. Since 1939, LIRS has transformed lives and welcomed the most vulnerable to the United States. Together we have supported, equipped and empowered these new Americans, while advocating for policy that protects all of God’s children.

  • LIRS has resettled 500,000 refugees.
  • 1,500 Hungarians in 1956
  • LIRS assisted when in 1959, 100,000 Cuban refugees arrived in Florida.
  • In 1972 Ugandan dictator Amin expelled 75,000 citizens. 2,000 were accepted into the US as ‘parolees.’ LIRS resettled 600 of the new arrivals.
  • The defeat of South Vietnam by North Vietnam in 1975 triggered a flood of refugees from SE Asia. LIRS transformed from a 4-staff operation to a crisis response organization with more than 100 staff. LIRS oversaw the resettlement of 16,000 refugees.
  • In 1993 the first survivors of ethnic cleansing in Bosnia arrived. In 1999, 1700 ethnic Albanians were forced out of Kosovo into Macedonia and were eventually resettled by LIRS.
  • In 2000 our welcome included people from Sudan, Burma, Tibet, Bhutan, Afghanistan and Iraq, and ethnic Hmong from refugee camps in Thailand.
  • Today, much of their work revolves around advocacy and action for welcoming refugees, assisting with Reception and Welcome for immigrants who have been released from immigration


For the past several years ECLC members have been active advocates for legislative actions proposed or supported by LIRS. LIRS makes advocacy easy! With a tap on a key, your voice can be heard by congressional leaders, state leaders and others involved in decision making. 
Sign up for LIRS Advocacy Alerts at lirs.org/advocate/

We’ve created artistic and heart-warming Christmas cards as part of the LIRS ‘Hope for the Holidays’ program. These cards are sent by LIRS to children separated from their families, and families held in US detention centers. Members also provide financial gifts to LIRS to purchase gifts for children in detention.

Check out their website for informative webinars, and background information on current and pending bills in the House and Senate. LIRS.org


All migrants and refugees are protected, embraced and empowered in a world of just and welcoming communities

As a witness to God’s love for all people, we stand with and advocate for migrants and refugees, transforming communities through ministries of service and justice

Core Values

  • Welcome - “When I was a stranger, you welcomed me.” Rooted in faith, LIRS believes that we are called to welcome those fleeing persecution and seeking refuge in the US.
  • Prophetic Witness -Not all are prophets, but all are called to be prophetic witnesses. At LIRS, this means we are committed to speaking out boldly and standing up for the just treatment of those we serve
  • Integrity-Driven by a desire to serve vulnerable refugees and migrants, we refuse to compromise our moral, economic and political integrity as we carry out our mission to that end.

Committed to bold action and continuous learning. LIRS invites other to join our mission, eager to embrace fresh perspective and explore new ways to engage in this work of welcome.

LIRS depends on a diverse network of community partners, faith-based groups, and private entities to magnify our reach and impact – and they rely on our expertise and leadership.