Migration is a common story in scripture and welcoming the stranger is a core Biblical value.  

ECLC is committed to educating ourselves on the key issues of immigration. Grounded in our deep relationships with mission partners, we seek to educate ourselves on key issues of immigration and engage in actions that further justice and humanity for all immigrants.



The North Star Act is a bill regarding treatment of immigrants, and is moving forward in this MN legislative session.

Who Is Behind This Bill?

The North STAR Alliance includes dozens of faith-based and social justice organizations representing more than one million Minnesota residents who see this legislation as an urgent moral imperative. Alliance members believe in the dignity of every human being without exception. Enacting this legislation is the morally, economically and legally right thing to do. This legislation will make our immigrant neighbors feel welcomed and respected.

Why should ECLC members care about The North Start Act?

  • 10% of MN 5.7 million residents are immigrants
  • 7% of rural farm workers are immigrants and are vital to agricultural production in the state
  • 20% of MN children are part of immigrant families
  • 75% of adult immigrants (those with and without documentation) in MN have regular employment and contributed $2.9 billion in federal and $1.5 billion in state taxes in 2018. Immigrants spend over $12.4 billion annually in MN
  • Employers in the state seek workers to fill low and medium wage jobs. Many of these workers are immigrants.
  • All immigrants are subject to detention for slight violations, and in some cases, immigrants are held by local enforcement for Federal authorities based solely on ethnicity.
  • 63% of those held in ICE detention have no criminal record. Some have only minor traffic violations.
  • ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement) detention often removes a primary breadwinner from immigrant households, pushing families into financial crisis. 
  • Immigrants don’t trust law enforcement because they often operate as Federal immigration enforcers, creating a justified fear that they may be detained, deported or turned over to ICE. Because of this, they do everything to remain under the radar. They usually don’t report crimes or seek emergency services. In fact, they are more often the victims of crimes that go unreported and unaddressed. This is the opposite of ‘safety’ in our communities.
  • Law Enforcement can use resources freed up from immigration investigation and enforcement on more appropriate public safety related tasks, leaving immigration violations in the hands of federal agencies.

What Would This Act Mean?

This act would prohibit state and local law enforcement from using state resources for the purposes of civil immigration enforcement, including sharing data, or accepting federal funds that would require such cooperation. It does not inhibit collaboration on the basis of investigating criminal activity.

  • The role of local law enforcement is to provide public safety.
  • Blurring lines between law enforcement and immigration enforcement erodes trust in immigrant communities and diverts public safety resources from their intended purpose of keeping us all safe.
  • No immigration enforcement in places of worship, schools, hospitals or 


  • It would ensure that county jails are used for criminal law enforcement only, and not for immigrants detained by ICE.


In the next weeks as the North Star Act moves forward, we will share updates and advocacy opportunities on this site. If you would like to be on the email list related to support of this bill, please send your name and email address to:

 Kathy Magnus  ---  kathymagnus@comcast.net


As sibling congregations, ECLC and Cristo de Paz Lutheran Church in El Salvador are in deep relationship. These photos are from a visit to El Salvador which included visiting the Re-migration center, where Salvadorans returning from deportation are processed. These visits fuel our desire for comprehensive and dignified immigration reform.

Together with our bilingual sibling congregation, St. Paul’s-San Pablo Lutheran Church in Minneapolis, ECLC advocates for safety for migrants. In these photos at our local immigration court, we re-enacted the migration of the Holy Family at Christmas.


ECLC partners with ICOM, attending monthly vigils calling for justice for immigrants in detention and their families.


(Formerly Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service)

For 80 years,  Global Refuge has offered welcome and hope to more than half a million refugees. Since 1939, Global Refuge has transformed lives and welcomed the most vulnerable to the United States. Together we have supported, equipped and empowered these new Americans, while advocating for policy that protects all of God’s children.


For the past several years ECLC members have been active advocates for legislative actions proposed or supported by Global Refuge. Global Refuge makes advocacy easy! With a tap on a key, your voice can be heard by congressional leaders, state leaders and others involved in decision making. 

Sign up for Global Refuge Advocacy Alerts at: https://www.globalrefuge.org/get-involved/advocate-with-us/

We’ve created artistic and heart-warming Christmas cards as part of the Global Refuge ‘Hope for the Holidays’ program. These cards are sent by Global Refuge to children separated from their families, and families held in US detention centers. Members also provide financial gifts to Global Refuge to purchase gifts for children in detention.