Worship, service, advocacy, study, prayer, stewardship, and fellowship help form us as people of faith. But when we talk about faith formation in the context of Christian education, we mean something more.

Faith formation is the process of intentionally learning how to live and give as disciples of Christ in today's world. Faith formation at ECLC is not a "program" but a dimension of our ministry together that: 

  • addresses the whole person in believing, living, and giving;
  • considers the person in relationship,
  • recognizes the milestones of mental, physical, and spiritual development;
  • encourages adults in continuing to grow in their baptismal promises;
  • assists parents and sponsors in keeping the promises they have made for their children at baptism; and
  • avoids the "consumer" model of religious services by involving the whole faith community in education and formation.

Adult faith formation opportunities include well-attended Adult Forums on Sunday mornings, and Wednesday morning Bible study. Other educational topics are presented in a small group format. This helps people connect with others with whom they share interests. These gathering may take place on Sunday mornings or at other times during the week.