Covid Update

July 2021

Dear ECLC Community, 

As we move forward with reopening the church, I write to update you on plans for being together inside 
the church building. Here’s what is happening:


1)  Meetings inside the church building do not require masks for those vaccinated, although unvaccinated adults are asked to wear masks. 

2) When your committee or group is meeting, and if you feel uncomfortable in a room with unmasked people, please let the leader of your group know ahead of time. The leader will communicate to the whole groups that masks are required in this particular circumstance without revealing who had made 
the request.

3)  All indoor activities that include children under 12 will continue to be masked.

Beginning August 1:

1)  In-person worship in the sanctuary will be Sundays at 9:30 a.m. Everyone attending worship in the sanctuary needs to wear a facemask.* The service will include liturgy, a sermon, communion around 
the altar, and listening to some of our favorite songs and hymns.

2)  We will ask for registration for worship so that in the unlikely occurrence of a COVID outbreak we 
have tracing information. 

3)  There is a limit of about 100 people in the sanctuary. If we exceed that number, the Fellowship Hall 
is available for overflow.

4)  Fellowship time will be outside the church after worship, no coffee or treats provided.

5)  We will stream the church service live from the sanctuary; you’ll get instructions on how to access that live stream.

Beginning Renewal Day, September 12:

1)  We begin two services live in the sanctuary, at 8:30 and 11:00 a.m.

2)  We will live stream the 11:00 service.

3)  Treats will be served!

4)  The Children, Youth, and Family Faith Formation Team is working on a plan for Sunday School and the nursery. You’ll hear about this in a future update.

If you have questions, please email me at:


Janet Thompson, Chair, Reopening the Church Task Force

* We know some other churches are worshipping mask free, why not us? 

  • We want to protect our children who cannot yet be vaccinated.
  • When the COVID-19 Team established guiding principles for ECLC, a key tenet was “err on the side of caution.” A decision that felt so good at the beginning of the pandemic may not feel as good right now, but the tenet still holds.




June 3, 2021

Graduate Recognition This Sunday

This Sunday we will have the privilege of recognizing and giving thanks for the graduates in our congregation. If you or anyone in your immediate family is celebrating a graduation this spring, please let us know today. We would love to include them in our prayers of blessing.

We especially give thanks for the following ECLC members graduating from high school: Jean-Luc C., Dillon G., Jerod H., Joseph L., Brita L., Justine P-F., Nora M., Noah R., Sam S-T. Two of our students (Brita & Joseph) will offer a special message for worship.

Thanks be to God for these graduates. The courage and perseverance these young people have shown this past year have been nothing short of inspirational. They continue to be a shining example of how together we can endure change and unknowns, pains and aches, grief and loss with character and faith. We may not know where God is guiding us. But if this past year has been an indication of the path we have to travel, then we can confidently go forward knowing that the future is bright with hope.

We encourage you to reach out, in your own way, to this remarkable class of 2021! May they feel the love and support of ECLC now and as they begin a new chapter in their journey.

God of our beginnings, we give you thanks for these students and the gifts they have offered our community. We ask your blessing upon them as they stand at the threshold of a new adventure. Remind them always of your unconditional love. Give them the wisdom to seek your way and to proclaim your peace and justice. As they follow their unique calls to serve in your world, support them with your eternal grace. Amen.

Peace, Jacob

May 27, 2021


NEW this Summer: Story JAM (Justice Arts Ministry)

ECLC Kids Youth & Family Ministries has an invitation for YOU

  • in our ongoing commitment to racial justice and to better reflect the diversity of God’s creation;
  • in striving to give agency to the children, youth & families of ECLC;
  • and in educating and engaging people of all ages in loving and serving our neighbors as a response to God’s love and generosity in our own lives.  

Bring your own picnic blanket, beach towels and/or camp chairs following ECLC's COVID guidelines and join us in the church parking lot 6/20, 7/18, and 8/15 from 11-noon for something NEW called Story JAM (Justice Arts Ministry). For kids of all ages through 5th grade and the grownups who love them. All are welcome! Special guests from the community will share stories, introduce learning activities, and bring surprising snacks that we will experience TOGETHER! 


May 20, 2021

Worship Experience outside with ECLC

A simple midday communion service was held on May 12 at ECLC outside around the new, long table. A few of those who attended reflected on what it was like to be together for communion in person again. The next communion service is scheduled for Wednesday, May 26 at noon. Contact the church office to sign up.

“The midday communion service at church on Wednesday was a special way to connect with our community after months of online services. I’ve been so grateful for the people who have made our online services possible, and now we have a way to begin to be together in person again. Communion with friends, sunshine, music led by Pastor Jeff. What a gift for the spirit after a long COVID winter!” Joan G.

“Gathering around the table for the first time in over a year was a very meaningful, healing experience for me. We all felt safe, distanced and masks etc., yet were able to worship together as well as have time for person to person communication. Thank you for offering this peaceful, renewing, holy experience. I look forward to more.” Bill D.

“Body of Christ given for you. Take and eat. Blood of Christ shed for you. Take and drink. These precious words were spoken in person around the table last Wednesday as we shared in singing, scripture and the meal; as I had the opportunity to look into the faces of those seated around the table. I am so grateful for the gift of sharing this holy experience together once again. Come to the table. All are welcome.” Ruth E.