2023 Stewardship Campaign - Deep Roots

Dear ECLC Community,

Our lives are made up of stories. Each one contains a multitude of emotions and experiences that shape our lives, our relationships, and our faith. When woven together, our combined stories become a rich tapestry of God’s love and grace.

As part of the ECLC community, we’re so grateful for the ways you’ve shared your stories and honored the stories of others. By doing so, we’re growing deep roots that help us give witness to love and justice at God’s welcome table and in the world.

During this season of our annual giving campaign, we’ll be reflecting on the stories of generosity that make us unique. Generosity looks different for everyone, changes during seasons of life, and comes in so many forms. Yes, financial resources, but also generosity in relationships, in caring for the planet, in acts of justice, in giving time, in the talents we share, and so much more! 

For me, the journey of generosity was brought to life by a mentor at an early job. His example of selfless giving was powerful and came from a place of deep faith. He would often talk about God building generosity into our DNA so that when we practice it we are living to the fullest. I like to imagine that. Generosity built into my very core and when I tap into it, I’m operating as my true self. 

Thank you for giving in so many ways to the ECLC community. Your support helps keep worship vibrant, compensate our incredible staff, provide meaningful programming, engage in justice and equity work, invest in the community, empower ministry partners, and all the other amazing work of the congregation!

Will you join us and live out the generosity that’s woven into the very core of who God has created you to be? We are looking for at least 250 households to join us in making a commitment to our general fund to ensure our annual budget helps keep our ministries strong.

When we give together, in whatever way we can, we have a collective and powerful impact. I look forward to hearing the stories of generosity that emerge as we strengthen our tapestry and see the beautiful colors and patterns grow deeper together.


Sarah Trenda Martin, Minister of Stewardship

Together with ECLC Staff, the Church Council and the Stewardship Committee