Dick Magnus 

Catherine Malotky

Dear Beloved Community,

Our gifts can be an offering of gratitude as we join with one another and give thanks for our ECLC community and the joy of living out our faith with one another.

As we continue to meet the needs of our congregation and support our mission partners, it will take our collective efforts to continue this impactful work. Last year, 239 households or about 75% of the congregation, made commitments to support the mission and ministry of the church. That is incredible! 

The work of our congregation requires dedicated staff members, welcoming worship and gathering spaces, and a commitment to supporting our partners. These three critical areas make up 85% of the budget and ensure the activities and outreach we experience here can continue and grow. 

We’ll need each person engaged so we can see our community and mission partners continue to thrive. How might mission and ministry be able to expand if 100% of households are able to participate this year? This is where your commitment of any amount can make a difference. It’s what we can do together that is powerful. 

As we each make our annual commitments, please consider what a meaningful gift would look like for you right now. We recognize each person is in a different giving position. We invite you to reflect on where you’re at and participate in a way that makes sense for you. To make an online commitment you may click the link here: https://eclc.360unite.com/stewardship-commitment-form. After submitting, the form will be emailed to both you and Kienan Mick for confirmation. Alternatively, you may email Kienan directly at kmick@eclc.org to make a commitment.

To build a solid financial foundation for ECLC, we’ll need an increase in financial commitments of 3.5% for 2022. We’ve set an ambitious goal of $1 Million in commitments. This number is big, but what we want you to focus on is how you can participate alongside others in our community. It’s our collective efforts that honor God as we seek to live out our mission as a congregation.

Please prayerfully consider how you can participate this year and see how your gift unites with others to make an impact! 

With grateful hearts,

The Stewardship Committee

P.S. We’re excited to share that 100% of our Council of Ministers have made their commitments and invite you to join them in giving and gratitude this year.